Handmade Glass and Pierced Jewellery

Based in Plymouth in the South West of England I work from my studio to create jewellery in sterling silver and glass. I make all my own glass cabochons so my work is totally unique and due to the magical nature of glass and kiln casting it’s often not possible even for me to replicate something exactly. So you are getting a one-of-a-kind piece if you purchase my work.

The main technique I use for the metal is piercing (sawing) and that’s what I enjoy most. I use patterns that I design and I love to double these patterns up creating new possibilities. All of my pieces are very much influenced by light and how it falls on the piece, creating shadows and making the piece look different from different angles. I feel this makes the pieces ‘come alive’ and makes them more interesting.

My jewellery is made in small batches and I use traditional soldering methods to connect it all together.
As everything is handmade it is not perfect. There will be imperfections but the quality of my work will always be of a very high standard.